Welcome to my website! I'm Andrew, an Electrical Engineering student at Purdue University. This site's purpose is to let anyone to get to know me better, as well as to showcase my skills and projects.

Technical skills: C, Java, Microcontrollers, Soldering, Python, Linux, Networking, MySQL, Assembly, Electrical Lab Equipment, HTML, Javascript, 3D Printing/Modeling

Other skills: Communication, Teaching, Leadership, Troubleshooting, Problem Solving, Persistence

Some background on me: I currently live in Indiana but have been moving around my entire life. I have been very passionate about computers and new technologies, ever since my father installed Linux as my main operating system on my computer in elementary school. I love learning, especially about ground-breaking hardware and software, and consider failure to be the best teacher. My technical hobbies include 3-D printing, network/server management, and soldering/board repairs. I also enjoy Geocaching, hiking, science-fiction novels, and story-based video games.

Before I graduate, I would like opportunities to bring together all the skills I've learned and all the professional development I've received so far at college. I'm looking for a chance to grow as a leader and an engineer, and I am interested in positions that allow me to learn new technologies and to experiment with my own capabilities. In the next decade I'd like to see myself in a position with more mentoring roles that allow me to share my skills and experiences (I enjoy teaching almost as much as I love learning). I aspire to eventually have an opportunity to work on a ground-breaking world-changing technology. In the long run, I am committed to constantly educating myself and bettering myself as an engineer.

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